The origin of socks

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The History of Socks

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The Legend of the Christmas Stocking

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To knock somebody's socks off means to surprise somebody by showing or providing them with something really impressive. The phrase was originally documented in the American South in the s, where the phrase referred to beating somebody in a fi.

Sock History – The Luxury. During the Middle Ages, the length of trousers was extended and the sock became a tight brightly-coloured cloth covering the lower part of the leg.

Since socks didn’t have an elastic band, garters were placed over the top of the stockings to prevent them from falling down. The Sock family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between and The most Sock families were found in the UK in In there were 17 Sock families living in Michigan.

Cotton came into use in the late 17th century and changed the history of socks forever.

Sock History – The Beginnings

Now we come to the 20th century. Sock innovation continued with the introduction of nylon because of its strength and elasticity.

The History of Socks

As men’s pants became longer, socks became shorter and the word sock replaced the word ‘stocking’ in common usage. Jul 03,  · BEHOLD THE TRUTH!!! 🔴 Relaxing Rainy Jazz - Lounge Jazz Radio - Music For Work & Study - Live Stream 24/7 Lounge Music 1, watching Live now.

To knock the socks off (someone) "beat thoroughly" is recorded fromAmerican English colloquial.

Sock History – The Beginnings

Teen slang sock hop is c, from notion of dancing without shoes.

The origin of socks
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